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“Truly England’s Most Erotic Band”

From across the pond: The greatest glam band this side of David Bowie (the glammier side). Chelsea Telegram is a rock sextet that briefly took the UK by storm, launching lead singer Roger Wodehouse into fame as a fashion icon, sex symbol, and cultural enfant terrible. Now for the first time, the band is bringing its unforgettable stage show to American audiences.

Here’s what you should also know: This is a comedy performance. Roger Wodehouse isn’t a real British rock star — and his lyrics and persona are absurd. BUT the music is legit, with echoes of Bowie, Queen, Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, The Smiths, and more. A Chelsea Telegram show is equal parts hilarity and great musicianship, with no compromises on either. Picture the midpoint between Tenacious D and an actual David Bowie concert.


Show history

This act began in comedy spaces, with performances at the Hollywood Fringe Festival (Best of Comedy nominee), Cafe-Club Fais Do Do (LA), and LaMama (NYC). Now it’s a full rock concert, intended for music audiences.

Tech Specs

  • Six musicians: guitar (acoustic + electric), keyboard, bass, drums, 2 vocalists

  • At minimum, we need 3 microphones + 1 monitor, but would welcome up to 6 mics (one wireless) and multiple monitors



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